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Platform to Engage in Global Business

Who We Are

BACK 2 BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL bridges the gap between the international community and business professionals. In one key event meaningful and new business prospects are realised and new partnerships formed.


BACK 2 BUSINESS provides a valuable service to the local business community and a boost to the local economy.


It provides the business community a new platform of engagement and the opportunity to meet trade teams from an array of international representation. There are no borders only open dialogue and business expansion.


Mission Statement

To be a global recognised brand inspiring businesses and individuals to connect and the power to grow.

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We will lead by example and encourage both inward and outward trade and investment for the international community. We will provide the perfect business environment to allow businesses to reach the maximum potential.



We envisage our concept will transform how business is done and open the doors for real business engagement from all over the world. Our events will be held in all six continents across the world.

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Our platform provides SME’s the perfect arena in which they can meet, engage and form profitable business relations. We aim to connect SME’s with the needed support from other businesses that are a suitable match for their needs.



Our events will evolve and grow to suit each Country and the business community. The content will be business relevant and inspirational for trade teams, business leaders, managers and employees.

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We value our partners and will uphold our values to always support and stand strong alongside them.

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